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Safe Makeup for Kids

BY Punara Organics

Has your little daughter ever used makeup, but you didn’t allow it because you were worried about her developing allergy? You may be afraid of chemicals being accumulated in your daughter’s body.

You need to make sure your makeup is safe for your child. For this reason, PUNARA ORGANICS is designed to fulfill your kids' imagination. We ensure that the products are safe, gentle and nourishing the skin effectively.

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Certified Ingredient, safe and chemical free

We use ECOCERT compliant ingredients, which are genuine organic ingredients (manufactured in a natural and organic form) with high-quality standards from France. ECOCERT is equivalent and recognized by the Department of Agriculture in the United States. It’s one of the internationally renowned leaders of the Nature Care Certification Seal. Our products are natural, safe, and chemical-free. In particular, all children can use them in a fun and safe way with no worries. In addition, the manufacturing process does not adversely affect the environment.

Quality and safety are of great importance to us as this is a child-friendly product. Our products must be natural and gentle on your child's sensitive skin. Every child's skin is like a cotton swab that easily absorbs the droplets and has relatively low immunity. Therefore, every product for children, in particular children's makeup, must be carefully and appropriately selected to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and to not accumulate hazardous chemicals in the long run.

It is natural and gentle on the skin.


Free of chemicals that irritate the skin.

Chemicals are a taboo ingredient that must be considered when using on children because there is a high risk of developing allergic reactions, irritation, or rashes on the skin. In some cases, the child is too scared to play because of these skin distortions have been developed on their skins. Therefore, parents must look at the ingredients of that product before selecting the best quality product for their child.

The chemical that should be avoided is Paraben. Paraben-containing cosmetics are dangerous as it can disrupt the hormones in the body, such as fertility. It may result in allergic reactions, irritation or a toxic residue in your child's body. Studies have also shown that it can cause cancer.
Another chemical to avoid is Triethanolamine (TEA). It is often found in cleaning products that are highly abrasive. If it is used on children's skin, it is extremely vulnerable to irritation, stinging and itching of the skin. Therefore, good children's cosmetics should not contain this substance.

The last chemical to be highly avoided is Propylene Glycol. It can increase moisture retention in the skin. It’s a gel with a soft texture that glides on and is easy to work with. However, it can cause inflammation and irritation in children's skin which is very sensitive.

Silicone free And not harmful to your mother

Our makeup does not contain silicone at all. The silicone will help make is soft on the skin, but when you use it for a long time, whether on young or mature skin, the silicone will clog the skin, which is the cause of future facial rashes. Therefore, it is a substance that should be absolutely avoided in kids’ makeup.

Based on the negative consequences of non-organic cosmetic products in the market, there is no doubt that Punara’s brand of organic makeup for kids is so popular and the number one that parents in Thailand can trust. Besides being gentle and chemical-free for kids, pregnant mothers can also use them in their daily life as they are hypoallergenic or suitable for adults with sensitive skin.


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Nong Inter


You she

(Wife of Khun Outhana)


Mr. Ploy Chidchan

Screaming very hard, saw the package and then my heart melted. Nong Inter used it very much.

I like boxing. Sitting and watching mom make up every day I have my own thing today. Love it. Mother is not worried.

Very cute, pleasing to the child, can play fully.

Gentle, beautiful color, practical.

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