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Children's cosmetics PUNARA started the concept and developed the formula since 2015, with two mothers who have the same 3-4-year-old daughters and their daughters share the same preferences. Because every time we always forbid make-up gimmicks. Of course, because we are afraid of allergy children and we know that all adult cosmetics only contain chemicals. The more the children are prohibited, the more secretly playing Because he was young, he did not understand what his mother was worried about.

With care and focus on the development and imagination of the child It took Pyunara three years to develop a completely natural product formulation certified by ECOCERT, France and most importantly, it does not contain allergens such as Paraben, SLS, fragrances and alcohol. To get products that are naturally derived and are truly gentle to children and the best. The key is to design packages that allow children to expand their imagination through playing with more cosmetics, such as nail polish set boxes designed in the shape of houses and bottles of various colored characters named. Own

When the child plays what he likes and the mother is worried about safety. Of course, the children are happy, the mother is happy. And is even more proud when seeing the baby's development clearly Especially imagine the aesthetic aspect of seeing the beauty through playing paint on your own face. Therefore, we would like to pass on all these good things to all the youngsters.

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