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Term & Condition

Privacy policy / Terms of use Term & Condition

Welcome to the site Please read these terms and conditions carefully, the following terms of use apply to use. (As defined below)

Please read the information and understand the privacy policy. In order to understand the practice of customer information from the company for the best benefit, the company has strictly given importance and respect to the privacy of customers. And protection of personal information is in line with the government's personal data protection policy and practice.

If you are under 20 years of age: You must obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian and such person must accept these Terms of Service and be responsible for: (1) your actions (2). Any service charges associated with the use of any service. Or your purchase of products; and (3) your acceptance and compliance with the terms of use of this service. If you do not have the consent of your parent or legal guardian, you must stop using the service.

To collect

And using personal information, you can visit the website without disclosing your personal information. But the company will collect your personal information. When registering for membership with the website is as follows

1. General personal information, name / surname, delivery address, e-mail, telephone number Date of birth Gender

2. Additional emergency information Or confirm identity such as identity card information

3. Financial information such as credit card or bank account numbers.

4. Information on interaction with the website, such as frequency of visits. Views content, viewing advertisements, ordering, IP addresses.

5. The information mentioned above must be correct and complete and not be misleading. You can update the information when you want. And need to keep the information up to date

Purposes for collecting information

Purposes for collecting personal information For the efficiency in developing websites and services to suit you If you agree to provide personal information to the company as follows:

1. Used to provide assistance or services when needed.

2. Used to tailor service content, including marketing advertising to suit you.

3. Used to deliver product information, offers, news, privileges Or promotion (If you do not wish to receive such marketing communications Can modify the requirement later)

4. Used to analyze information about the Company's website users. To develop products to meet the needs


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored in your browser. Cookies are not responsible for the storage of personal information. Rather, it will store information on the number of website visits or registrations. Including how often cookies are used to help remember that you have visited the website. When you come in to use it again The device will be able to remember information immediately that you have entered. And processes to deliver content and services to meet the needs of each person more quickly

If you do not want cookies in your browser, you can delete them later.

Disclosure of member information

We will disclose some of your information to third parties. For the purpose of the service as follows

1. To perform various transactions. Including comparing and verifying information to ensure the accuracy of information with third parties.

2. To process orders that were sent in the platform.

3. For delivery of products to you. (Disclose the information of the delivery address In shipping)

4. To enable the legal authority, government agency or other relevant authority to cooperate in the investigation. Investigate activities that may be accused of unlawful. Or according to the duties of the respective departments

5. The company will protect personal information in accordance with the framework of the protection of personal information to the maximum so that third parties or unrelated companies may not access, store or disclose information to the public without permission.


Your personal information will be safeguarded and stored in the utmost safety by limiting access to personal information. The company has implemented a security system that is Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a protocol for managing security in the Internet. And it is set to be the most reliable security standard to increase the security of communication or transmission on the Internet. Including taking care of the control of personal information, however For the security of your account A strong password should be set. And do not share the password with others. And log out every time you leave the website when not using your personal computer. If the password is shared and an error occurs You will be responsible and accept any action you take. From actions through your account that may occur as a result of If there is a security suspicion that your password may not be the secret You can change your password through the user account.

Changes to the privacy policy

The company reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time as appropriate. Please review the policy regularly for the latest privacy policy from the company.

Contacting the website

If you wish to withdraw your consent to store, browse, have questions / comments. Get help with personal information Please contact us E-mail.

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