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[Punara] พิวนารา ในรายการ แชร์ข่าวสาวสตรอง ทางช่องไทยรัฐทีวี(official Punara channel)

[Punara] พิวนารา ในรายการ แชร์ข่าวสาวสตรอง ทางช่องไทยรัฐทีวี(official Punara channel)
[Punara] พิวนารา ในรายการ แชร์ข่าวสาวสตรอง ทางช่องไทยรัฐทีวี(official Punara channel)

[Punara] พิวนารา ในรายการ แชร์ข่าวสาวสตรอง ทางช่องไทยรัฐทีวี(official Punara channel)

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น้องปริม ลูกสาวแม่เบนซ์พ่อมิค มันเฟี้ยวมาก!

น้องปริม ลูกสาวแม่เบนซ์พ่อมิค มันเฟี้ยวมาก!

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น้องนาดา ลูกสาวคุณแม่ฮาน่า

น้องนาดา ลูกสาวคุณแม่ฮาน่า

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น้องริชา ช่างแต่งหน้าแม่แอน

น้องริชา ช่างแต่งหน้าแม่แอน

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The Little Blogger เป่าเปา

The Little Blogger เป่าเปา

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Sister Jatim

Daughter of Mr. Grace Maha Damrongkul

Because children cannot use the same cosmetics as adults. Mother has to be careful. I do not want the next child to lose and go to the doctor. Not worth it ... so choose Phewnara that comes from nature.



ลูกสาวคุณเกรซ มหาดำรงค์กุล

เนื่องจากเด็กไม่สามรถใช้เครื่องสำอางแบบเดียวกับผู้ใหญ่ได้ แม่จึงต้องระวังเป็นพิเศษ ไม่อยากให้ลูกหน้าแพ้แล้วไปหาหมอ ไม่คุ้มค่ะ...เลยเลือกพิวนาราที่มาจากธรรมชาติ


Riverview Nong Inter

Screaming very hard, saw the package and the heart melted. Nong Inter used it very much.

S__10412180 cropped2.jpg

Nong Pao Pao

It will polish my nails every day. Will paint oily eyes of every color. Pao Pao's favorite toy

Celeb review_๒๐๐๖๐๔_0054.jpg

Nong Believe

Father Tak's daughter and mother Elsie

Happiness is getting her first organic make up kit.

Celeb review_200605_0042.jpg

Riverview Nong Mali Mother Daughter Bow

Am I beautiful? This box is very pleasing to the surprise of jasmine.


Sister Rena

Outhana's daughter and her

I like boxing. Sitting and watching mom make up every day I have my own thing today. Love it. Mother is not worried. Let go of all the tricks


Rita, daughter, mother, Nina

The child is glad. Mother is glad. You don't have to come and play with your mother's makeup.


Chic Mom and Daughter Review

Organic cosmetics, cute and fun Can customize both hypoallergenic people and pregnant children as well as allowing children to have creative imagination


Review of Nong Na Na from Khun Nan

Watch it, try it, it's safe and not lose it. Is irresistibly cute


Nong Aya, Daughter and Father Eh Jirakorn

Family happiness, let's play with my daughter


Nong Bella, daughter, mother Ning

Bella started to learn makeup by herself. Ning supports you too. Because Bella is a dancer But the main thing is It must be a quality makeup. And safe for children's skin

jap mom.jpg

Reviews from Japanese and daughter

Anyone who is not pro will be the next prop. On beauty, trust Punara for sensitive skin.


Review of Mother Oum and Nong Pola

Has its own cosmetic box, you don't have to come and play with it. Usually, I rarely give makeup because I like the clarity. But must have some attached Because organic cosmetics are easy to wipe off, and mom likes it.


รีวิวจากคุณ Nichanachi

วันหยุดที่ฝนตกโปรยปรายแบบนี้ น้องๆทำกิจกรรมอะไรกันบ้างคะแม่ๆ


Review of Noong Bina, daughter of Mother Nana

She likes it a lot, make up, play, and use it all.


Review of Khun Ploy Chidchan

Very cute, pleasing to children, can play fully, gentle, beautiful color, practical.


Nong Lai La Review Mother Daughter Cindy

Goodnight kiss Nong Lai La is pleasing to the eye.


Review of Nong Phim, the daughter of Tai Chutima.

Pipim likes it very much. Smear the powder by myself.


Review of Nong Chao Kha Mother daughter chipmunk

Play by yourself, dress by yourself, gangster enough, cosmetics that mother trusts

Celeb review_๒๐๐๖๐๔_0012.jpg

Ajarn Mei and Mr. Bai Fern

Ajarn Mei was very pleased. Makeup does not stop! Set of cosmetics for children, safe to use, easy to use, beautiful color, really cute.


Review of Mae Omnawadee with Nong Mu and Pee Mangkorn

Nong Mulan, makeup artist in the house, put a tight face to give her mother a consolation on Valentine's Day.

บี สารสิน.jpg

Review from Mae Bee Sarasin

Today's activity


Aimi review Good daughter

A very beautiful birthday gift set. So today I have been playing dress up and make up as a princess, quite like my daughter.

ton or.jpg

Reviews from Me Ton Aor and Nong Toy

I have trust to choose Punara because it has ECOCERT certification of natural and organic substances. Safe for sensitive skin, not allergic


Review of Nong Eclair from Khun Aor

I like secretly the beauty of my mother to play very well. Oops! Gentle on the skin, not allergic, like how much you like, look at the face of boxing.


Review from Nong Ai Khun Ann Lookmee

The package is super cute. There are complete machines, very good value, enjoy playing many rounds. The skin is alright. Importantly, the wiper is cleaned as well.


Review of Nong Ferrari, the mother's child, Benz

Christmas gift Like Ferrari again.


Review of Nong Sano, Son, Dad, Moss, Mother, Game

I really like it. I got it right away.


Reviews Little father, mother, chipmunk

There is medicine to take pleasure in making the makeup artist circle vibrate.

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