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Return & Refund

All items sold on the website are distributed by Punara Cosmetics, they are the copyright products of Punara. You can exchange / return products according to the conditions below.

Exchanges / returns

1. The company welcomes product exchange within 7 days (including holidays) after the customer signs for the product. The company reserves the right not to exchange or return the product. If over the period specified

2. Customers can exchange the products by the customer will have to deliver the products back to the company. Provided that the product that the customer wishes to replace must be in perfect condition, not damaged by use
The condition of the product must not be altered in any way and it is packaged in the packaging of that product in the same condition as the company. Delivered to the customer with evidence of ordering products. Photo evidence Which customers can exchange products according to the following cases
2.1 The company delivered the wrong product model, color. Or size to customer
2.2 The company delivered the product does not match the details in the purchase order.
2.3 The company delivers the product which is damaged or not usable since receiving the product to the customer.
3. The company reserves the right to consider inspecting the condition of the goods returned by the customer before shipping a new product to the customer.
4. The company reserves the right not to exchange the product back in any case, such as the customer is not satisfied with the product. Customers want to change products across models. Or the customer orders the wrong model
5. Costs of returning the product in the event that it is the fault of the company. The company will be responsible for all return and delivery costs.
6. The company reserves the right to exchange products under the policies and conditions as specified by the company. Set only And reserve the right to change any conditions Without prior notice

Refund Policy

The company will refund the product to the customer in the event that
1. The buyer does not receive the product. But if inspected, it is found that the delivery has been up to the status "Delivered goods", the company cannot refund money to the buyer. The buyer has to deal with the consignee himself.
2. The company is unable to deliver the products as the customer ordered and agreed.
3. The company reserves the right to refund more than the period stated. If there is a force majeure And reserve the right to change any conditions Without prior notice


1. Customers are kindly requested to verify the validity of the policies and conditions before making an order every time.

2. In the event that it is damaged or can not be activated since receipt of the product. Please notify the staff as soon as you see it. Follow the contact channels Facebook, Line @ or e-mail.

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