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Parents, do you wonder why the girls? Even though I like to play makeup

At the girl I like to play with makeup, starting from imitation behavior. Curiosity
That is part of learning When the child turns 2-3 years old, and because of the brain structure called Straight Gyrus (notches smooth) in childhood that is even smaller. It will be more feminine. Which girl Most of them have this part smaller than boys. But on the other hand If it's an adult The greater this brain structure It will be more high as a mother. Brain structure As for the smooth jagged Also responsible for behavior, sensitivity to interactions with those around them. Make the girls focus on the image And self-confidence than boys Especially at the age of 6 and over

Besides brain structure The notches are smooth. It's also because women use the right brain. Therefore, the visual aesthetics and imagination of girls are better than children, so it can be said that girls' favorite make-up is part of a child's development.

Which parents do not have to worry about That the children will be older than their age Because it is the nature of a girl already

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