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Natural & Mild Translucent Pressed Powder

Natural & Mild Translucent Pressed Powder


Pewnara Translucent loose powder, pressed natural and organic formula.
Products that are certified with natural and organic substances from the ECOCERT institute.

🌾 Contains barley main ingredients
🌾 Contains organic macadamia oil and shea butter. Imported from france
🌾 soft and smooth texture Gives a feeling of comfort on the skin
🌾 Maintains moisture Ready to absorb oil
🌾 It is gentle for children and pregnant women.

Free of all kinds of harmful chemicals
✅ Gluten free (Gluten-free)
✅ Talc-free
✅ Fragrance-free (Fragrance-free)
✅ silicone-free (Silicone-free)

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